MOSES TAYLOR (1806-1882). Taylor was one of New York's most prominent bankers who supported the coal and iron industries, as well as railroads and telegraphs. During the Panic of 1837, he bought stock at a low price and continued to make money through banking, where he was noted for his large cash reserves. A shaky, though ultimately successful business in the import business led Taylor to become involved with Cyrus Field in his Atlantic Cable venture. Taylor served as the company's treasurer throughout its period of failure and near-collapse, until the company finally proved successful.


Detroit, Hillsdale & South-Western R.R. Co. - Issued To Moses Taylor

1880, Michigan. Stock for 125 shares issued to but not signed by Moses Taylor. Black/White. Top center engraved vignette of a train crossing a bridge. Punch and stamp cancelled. Very fine.
Catalog: # SB-3275
Cancellation: Punch cancelled
Condition: Very Fine
State: Michigan
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $145.00