Entering politics at an early age, Tweed became the boss of Tammany Hall, an organization which he used to form the "Tweed Ring," one of the most corrupt political machines this country has ever seen. Tweed and his cronies ultimately bilked New York City out of tens of millions of dollars.


An Interesting Civil War Document In Which The Notorious “Boss Tweed” Authorizes Payment For A Substitute Of A War Draftee

WILLIAM MARCY “BOSS” TWEED DS. 1 page. New York, September 26th, 1863. “C W Carstens” by occupation an ~…who has been drafted and adjudged by the Board of Enrollment…to be liable to perform military duty according to the requirement of the Act of Congress passed March 3, 1863, having provided a Substitute who has been duly mustered into the service in the place and stead of such drafted person…for the Relief provided by the First and Second Section of the Ordinance…that said Substitute named- Anton F …is entitled to have the sum of $300 paid to him as authorized and provided by the Sixth Section of the Ordinance aforesaid. … An interesting view into the use of draft substitutes during the Civil War signed by one of America’s most notorious political figures. Fine.
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