CHARLES W. WETMORE: Associate of John D. Rockefeller, Northern Pacific Financier and vice-president of the American Steel Barge Company. Namesake of The Charles W. Wetmore, a famous whaleback freighter and the first whaleback to sail to the ocean when she ran the rapids of the St. Lawrence River to carry wheat to Liverpool, England. It was enormous and met many a mishap until it was crashed ashore in 1892.


Puget Sound And Alaska Steamship Co. Issued To And Signed By C.W. Wetmore

1890, Washington and Alaska. Stock certificate of the Puget Sound and Alaska Steamship Company. Brown/Black. Lovely engraved vignette of a steamship in rough seas at top center. Printed by Franklin Bank Note Company. Issued to and signed on verso by C. W. Wetmore. Named for one of the financial backers of American Steel Barge, Charles W. Wetmore became the first whaleback to operate outside the Great Lakes. Punch and stamp cancelled and Excellent
Catalog: # NP-1684
State: Alaska
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $300.00