In 1828, through a chance introduction to the newly-formed Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Winans became interested in this new style of transportation and developed railroad equipment whose basic design remained unchanged for well over a century. He is, for example, credited with placing wheel bearings on the outside of the truck, and with mounting a car on two four-wheeled trucks. He was, for a short time, an engineer with the B&O, and assisted Peter Cooper in constructing the Tom Thumb. A senior partner in a prestigious engineering firm until his retirement (1859), he spent most of his working life improving railroad machinery and developing new equipment such as the popular "camelback" locomotive. After his retirement, he became interested in marine transportation, and developed the "cigar steamer" whose legacy is the hull shape used in today's modern ocean liners.


Check Signed By Ross Winans

DS. 7 5/8" x 3 1/4". Baltimore, April 20, 1872. Partly-printed check drawn on Winans' personal account against Alexander Brown & Sons, payable to A.S. Abell & Co. in the amount of $96.02. Accomplished in a secretarial hand and signed by Winans as maker. Attached adhesive revenue stamp. Very light bleed-through from writing on verso. Minor paper loss at left bottom affects nothing. Bank cut cancellation, minor paper loss, not affecting Winans' signature which he boldly signs in blue.
Catalog: # AM-0694
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $175.00